I’ve been on the “New Me” train

So, since the new year began, I’ve been on the “New Me” train, realizing how bad I was in the previous year with all those bad habits, and how everything I’ve been through has made me the kind of person I don’t want to be at all.

Fortunately, I was aware of it. Not at the last minute, but all of the time I’ve lost is counted, and I can’t be happy about that.

if we dig deeps. what bad habit is i can list a fews.

like eating junks , living an unhealthy lifestyle which make me fat (gained more than 5Kg.)

Let my belly fat get big and still keep eating unstoppably. The more I allow myself to indulge in bad food, the larger my guilt bubble grows.That’s what I’m dealing with now.

Also about my financial , I shouldn’t be this broke; I was planning on not touching my savings account, but I just couldn’t.

Where the hell am I when it comes to being as lazy as hell? Do I fit this description? I suppose I’m not, but why? Why am I so afraid of starting so many things in life right now? What happened to the daredevil, dreamy, fantasy girl?the girl that I used to be?

Just i few things i said i’ve realized. See! how bad?

It’s been 9 days since the new year began. The project “New Me” is currently in progress.

and I think I’m doing great. been reducing time on the phone screen. Read more books, The phone was not the first thing that I grabbed in the morning. It may sound silly, but you know how crucial it is to begin a new lifestyle. I’m not sure when life got to the point where technology actually ruined our lives. All of the hormones are messed up. make us less productive, addicted to phones,Being more consumers than producers. My heart screams in Italian How much I miss my childhood, when I spent all of my time doing something creative rather than just watching to other people’s stories on screen just because i’m addicted.

It’s challenging to beat ourselves, but it’s worth trying.

When we wake up and feel good, we have a good reason to win this challenge. because when we are happy and energized, we want to make a difference in the world by creating something meaningful. 

Keep on trying. 
Note to future self.

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