What are 5 things that you do really well?

Wow, I never thought about this before, I just do what I want to do. This is just an amazing question. First of all, I think I’m a fast learner; I can do whatever I’ve wanted to do all my life since I was a kid. People frequently tell me that I think and speak too quickly.I had no idea until now.

I enjoy learning new things, and I always enjoy the fact that I don’t know when I forgot who I was. this question has caused me to reflect on who I used to be. Even i preferred and i’m best at telling what i can’t do. lol

Squeezing my brain off. Here is my answers.

I’m a good writer because of how I grew up; I like to write my diary and write about everything throughout the day, like life in school, relationships with friends, and the feeling that I get every day. That is, I spend the majority of my time thinking rather than speaking. So it lead me to the point that I can express myself with beautiful words or make it funny because I just know how to do it naturally. like it’s all under my control, when I think of the picture in my head i know how I want to convey it. (Plus people said i’m actually has an issue with speaking, I can speaks but they just don’t understand.)

I know this is a kind of weird answer, but this one just came to me. I just think I’m really good at this. I don’t mean just a copy. but it means I can see and understand deeply whatever I want to learn or copy and make another version of myself. This is applied to people’s work ,People thought or projects. For example, if I want to sell juice, I’ll research what each brand excels at and create my own version.

3.Self understanding
I’ve always wanted to listen to myself, whether happy or sad. and I’m fixing it despite working on depression and setting boundaries with people. I may not be happy every day, which means I can suddenly tell you directly how I feel in certain moments. This thing just happened to come with me. I can’t pretend to be happy or sad for myself; I just accept it. If it’s good, I just smile; if it’s bad, I just know it and look for the causes; whether I can fix it or not, I’ve found the source. 
Throughout my life journey, I’ve been through good and bad, and I can understand and keep learning to appreciate that I’m not a perfect human. I know so many people in my life and learn by watching them. I can say that I accept that humans can have bad days, but some people refuse to accept that; they only desire beautiful days and lose control when bad times arrive. You know what I mean.

My god, I’ve got no idea why. Since I gain most of the year’s weight, eating has recently become a significant source of my happiness. Someday I just waste my time sitting and waiting for time to eat again. I’m bad at resisting food that looks so delicious! And I’m getting better at eating sha-bu. It’s suffering when I want to stop this habit.

5.Discovery , Searching
I like to delve deeply into something I want to know or understand, and I like to stumble upon a wealth of information or whatever it is that piques my interest. Not only the outside world, but also one’s own inner self. Once I’ve noticed something about my thoughts or my behavior, I’m trying to understand it. Recently, I’ve been crying a lot with just a single word that’s hurting me. It’s just something I know won’t happen with normal people, and the more I dig, the more I understand that I’m actually the highly sensitive person. Like every test I took, every article I read seemed accurate to me. And now I know why I’m acting like that. which I have never thought about once. From childhood to the present, every trait and behavior has been fit perfect into description. So I would say that I’m good at discovering things I’m interested in. Also, I like to search; it’s separate from research, but I search things like I’m just being Conan or Sherlock, a good detective.


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